Mountain Weather Forecast

produced by Yamaten

Introduction of Yamaten Mountain Weather Forecast fee-charged page
■ Detailed weather forecast for 18 mountain areas, 59 mountains in Japan
- Weather, temperature, wind direction, wind speed forecast to 6-hour unit in two days
- Commentary of weather forecasters familiar with mountain weather
- When weather conditions with risk of climbing are anticipated, warning information is announced.
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■ Service contents
- Fees
300 yen / month + Tax (Credit card only)
- Reading methods
- Applicable mountain area
Rishiri / Taisetsu & Tokachi / Iide & Asahi / Oze / Tanigawa / OkuChichibu & Tanzawa / Fujisan/ Yatsugatake / Northern Alps/ Central Alps / Southern Alps / Omine / Daiko / Daisen / Ishizuchi / Kuju & Aso / Yakushima
- Target mountain peak
100 famous mountains in the above 18 mountains and Asahidake (Northern Alps)
■ Registration
- Before registering paid members, please be sure to read the bottom.
 Customers setting unsolicited emails should be able to receive mail from admin @ and noreply @ It may be because we do not receive confirmation e-mails or daily mountain weather forecast e-mails.
 Please note that if you register with two different mail addresses, even if it is settled with the same credit card, you will be charged twice. In addition, due to the nature of the service, we cannot refund after membership registration. When registering, please register after confirming whether you have already done with other mail address.
 On the credit card registration screen, please click "registration button" only once. Also, if you close the browser while moving to the next screen or click the "back" button of the browser, you may be charged twice. Please note that we cannot refund even if they are charged twice due to these reasons. Also, please do not move to other pages during billing registration.
■ Check the rain clouds around!
- Display the meteorological radar screen of 100 km around the summit
- Viewable from 2 hours ago to the present time
- Data updated every 5 minutes
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■ Detailed analysis using specialty weather charts!
- Prediction of Ground weather chart and Precipitation estimate
- Prediction of temperature and wind in the upper layer (850hPa/700hPa/500hPa)
- Prediction of altitude in the upper layer (500 hPa)
- Prediction of Equivalent temperature in the upper layer(850hPa)
- Prediction of Lightning occurrence probability
- Display changes every 3 hours until 3 days ahead
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