Yamaten Mountain Weather Forecast
Produced by Yamaten Inc.

Information on Specified Commercial Transactions

Service name: Yamaten Japanese Mountain Weather Forecast ( Yamaten )
Distributor: Yamaten Inc.
Chief Operating Officer: Takayuki Inokuma
Address: 638-1-402 Toyohira, Chino-shi, Nagano, 391-0213, Japan
E-mail: admin@yamatenki.co.jp
Shop name: Yamaten
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Payment method: Credit card payment
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Validated date for application: 1 day including order date
Sales quantity: There is no specification.
Delivery time: Basically, you can see the information page required payment immediately after payment is completed. We will inform you via email it is delayed.
About refund: Because of the characteristics of the service, please note that refund after membership registration is not possible.